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Discover the greatest events

Find the most exclusive events all around the globe, get a ticket and start meeting new & interesting people based on your shared interests.

<span>Discover the greatest events</span>

Host events in minutes

Don't worry about the drinks, locations or about booking a DJ, everything you need can be easily found within the marketplace of the cuworld app. The best thing is, you even earn money.

<span>Host events in minutes</span>

Free Ticketing Solutions

Great events need great solutions. That's why event organizers use our ticketing solution for free. Sign up to get free access to worlds most convenient ticketing solution.

<span>Free Ticketing Solutions</span>

"I didn't know that organizing events could be so easy until I discovered the All In One Event App CU World. It's a game-changer!"

Lilly Clark

But how does it work?

Which events can I find on CU?

From festivals to private garden parties as well as yoga sessions, to crypto lectures, and even pottery classes, you can discover a variety of events around the world that fit your interests!

How easy is it to organize an event?

What usually takes weeks, is organized in minutes with CU World. Choose from a variety of locations, find the right DJ such as the perfect catering.
Even when selecting beverages we've got you covered by providing the right quantity. You can arrange everything within the app and have it delivered to your event.

Can I earn money by organizing an event?

The number of tickets, as well as the ticket price is set by yourself. This way you decide how much you will earn with your event. The better the guest review your event, the more revenue you pocket! See how creating an event is done.

What are the advantages for professional event organizers?

Benefit from free ticketing, an easy in-app event creation, age verification of your guests and the possibility to promote your event to a greater audience. Tickets can be scanned with any cell phone, so there is no need to purchase expensive hardware.

Why CU and not any other event app?

CU World combines unique features with an easy-to-use Event Marketplace and personalized event suggestions based on your interests. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible event experience, thats why we designed the All-In-One Event App. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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Host your Events on CU World.

Great events need great solutions. That's why we are offering the most convenient ticketing software completely free of charge. Register via the form and tell us about the event you're are organizing! - CU World

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