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Step into the realm of CU, where hosting an event becomes a effortless journey rather than a task. Begin by visualizing your dream event. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand bash, setting up is a breeze. Decide your ticket numbers and determine the price, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Dive deeper into our comprehensive marketplace, and find everything you'll need. From the perfect beats with our DJs to the ideal venue, every detail is at your fingertips. And for those unexpected twists? Secure your event with our trusted insurance options.

But CU isn’t just about effortless event organization. It's a platform where you, the host, get to shine and earn. Think Airbnb or Uber, but for events. Curate, create, and cash in. Your audience awaits, and with CU, you're always ready to deliver an unmatched experience.

CU World

Simplify Event Organization

Hassle-free Event Planning.

With CU World, planning an event has never been easier. Define your ticket numbers, set the price, and book everything you need from our marketplace. You can even take out insurance for your event. It's event planning, simplified & done in minutes.

Easy and Efficient

CU World simplifies the process of organizing events, making it easy and efficient. With just a few clicks, you can have an entire event planned and ready to go.

Easy and Efficient Event Organization

Comprehensive Marketplace

Our comprehensive marketplace offers everything you need to host a successful event. From locations and drinks to DJs, we've got it all in one place.
Event Marketplace Delivery

Insurance Protection

With our event insurance feature, you can enjoy financial protection and peace of mind. We understand that unexpected things can happen, and we're here to support you.
Event Marketplace Insurance

Profitable Hosting

With CU World, hosting events is not just fun, it's also profitable. Earn money while doing what you love.

Earn Money by Hosting Events

Making event hosting easy

Efficient Event Planning.

Ticket Management

With CU World, you can easily define the number of tickets for your event and set the ticket price. This feature helps you manage your event size and revenue with ease.

Our platform provides a marketplace where you can book everything you need for your event. From drinks and locations to DJs, we've got you covered.
Event Insurance

To ensure the safety and success of your event, CU World offers the option to take out insurance for your event. This feature provides you with peace of mind and financial protection.

Earn Money

Just like Airbnb and Uber, CU World allows you to earn money by organizing events. Turn your passion for hosting into a profitable venture.

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Great events need great solutions! That's why we are offering our ticketing software completely free of charge. Register via the contact form and tell us which event you are organizing. - Christian Lenz (CEO & Founder)

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