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You are organizing great events?

Great events need great solutions. That's why we are offering our ticketing software completely free of charge. To get access, register via the contact form and tell us which event you are organizing. This way you will enjoy free access to the world's fastest and most convenient ticketing software. Only the fees charged by the payment provider will be charged to you.

Organize Event in App

Create your event

You can customize different ticket types according to your needs, by setting prices and the amount of available tickets. Your event will be published in our app, which will generate additional visibility to attract more guests.

Host Event with App

Host your event

All ticketing is done through the app, so you can scan your guests' tickets without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, you can inform your guests about everything through your own event broadcast.

Early Birds and VIPs

You can create different ticket types and sales phase to provide your guests with the best choice

No verification needed

Set age restrictions for your event which will be checked directly when your guests is purchasing the ticket.

Scan with any device

To validate your guests' tickets you can use any smartphone on which you have installed the app and are logged in.

Immediate updates

Through your own event broadcast you can inform your guests about everything prior to and also during the event.


"This unique Ticketing Solution will make event organization a breeze. It's so convenient and packed with features which are all free to use. Highly recommend!"

Violet Green

Need help with CU World's Ticketing Solutions

What is CU's Partnership Program?

CU's Partnership Program is an exclusive arrangement that allows event organizers to leverage our platform to gain more visibility and attendees. You'll benefit from CU's extensive user base and innovative features.

How can my organization benefit from partnering with CU?

Partnering with CU provides a free and efficient way to manage your events. You'll gain exposure to a larger audience and make use of our free ticketing system, age verification and promotional tools.

What are the requirements to become a CU partner?

To become a CU partner, your organization must host events that align with our platform's guidelines. A minimum number of events per year may also be required.

Is there a fee to become a CU partner?

No, it's free to become a CU partner. Our revenue model is designed to benefit both CU and partners, making the partnership a win-win arrangement and totally free of any charge, also hidden ones. Apply here to get access.

How do I create my event in the CU app?

Listing your event on CU is a straightforward process that can be done in minutes. The app allows you to create multiple ticket types, such as Early Bird, VIP, or General Admission, and set individual pricing for each. This flexibility ensures you can tailor your ticket offerings to meet your event's unique needs.

How does CU's age verification feature benefit my event?

CU's app allows for age verification of ticket buyers, a significant advantage for venues like clubs. This streamlined process means guests won't have to wait in line for ID checks, enhancing their overall experience and potentially reducing your security costs.

How does CU promote partner events?

We feature partner events prominently within our app, and they may also be included in our marketing campaigns, emails, and social media to give them maximum visibility.

Can partners access analytics or event data?

Yes, CU provides comprehensive analytics and data insights to help you understand your event's performance and attendee behavior.

How do payouts work for partner events?

Payouts are processed through direct bank transfers. All financial transactions are secure and transparent, ensuring you get your earnings promptly right after your event is over.

What kind of support does CU offer for partner events?

CU offers 24/7 customer support for partners through our in-app support system and dedicated account managers to ensure your events run smoothly.

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