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Dive into the world of CU, where experiencing events takes on a whole new dimension. Begin your journey by effortlessly exploring our dynamic event feed, presenting you with everything from intimate local gatherings to grand global extravaganzas. Found something that piques your interest? Purchasing tickets is a breeze, ensuring you secure your spot without any hassles.

As the event day approaches, get ready to unlock the true potential of CU with our unique "Event Mode". No need for forced conversations or awkward moments; our smart algorithm pairs you up with attendees who share your passions and interests. And if you're feeling a tad bit nervous, our in-built games act as the perfect icebreakers, ensuring you forge genuine connections.

Beyond just events, CU offers an ecosystem that enriches your social life. Whether you're a dedicated concert-goer, a passionate art enthusiast, or just someone looking to expand their horizons, CU has got you covered. So, come on in and transform the way you discover, connect, and celebrate. Your next adventure awaits, and it's just a tap away.

CU World

Events All Around The Globe

Attend Events And Meet New People.

During the event, the app will help you meet new people easily. Integrated games and questions make it even easier to get to know each other. Find out about your shared interests and connect to each other without having to share personal contact information.

Organize Events Yourself

With CU World, planning an event is as simple as a few clicks. The app offers comprehensive help in every area of event organization. More about Hosting Events.

Organize Events Yourself

Wide Range of Events

CU World provides access to a wide range of events happening worldwide, making it easier for users to find events that suit their interests.

Wide Range of Events

Easy Connections

The app's "Event Mode" allows users to connect safely with others without the need to exchange personal contact information.
Easy Connections

Fun and Easy Socializing

Shared interests and games within the app make socializing and meeting new people a fun and easy process.
Fun and Easy Socializing

Experience Events Like Never Before

Unique Event Experience.

Event Feed
The app provides an event feed where users can browse and buy tickets for events happening worldwide.
Event Mode
The app's "Event Mode" allows users to connect with others at the same event without exchanging personal contact information.
Shared Interests
Shared interests within the app help users connect with like-minded individuals, making it easier to meet new people.
The app includes games that make getting to know other users even more fun and easy.
Image of Unique Event Experience
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Join Our Community of Event Organizers on CU World.

Great events need great solutions! That's why we are offering our ticketing software completely free of charge. Register via the contact form and tell us which event you are organizing. - Christian Lenz (CEO & Founder)

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