Everything about CU World.

Welcome to CU, your all-in-one app event App that makes it possible to organize and host events in minutes. Think of CU World as the Airbnb for events. Got an event in mind? The App will help you every step of the way. From setting it up to wrapping it up, make it happen with a few easy clicks. No fuss, just fun. Host with ease, join with joy, and let every event be the talk of the town. CU – organize events in minutes.

Our team, led by Christian Lenz, has worked tirelessly since 2019 to bring this vision to life. We are proud of the innovating platform we have built and the difference it is making in the event organization industry, soon to be available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Trusted By Event Organizers

Our goal is to become the platform of choice for event organizers worldwide. Our efficient and user-friendly system will be valued for its ability to streamline the event planning process. Available soon in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


At CU World, we believe in the power of technology to simplify complex processes. Our platform is designed to make event organization as easy and efficient as possible, saving our users time and stress. We are committed to continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to better serve our users. That's also the reason why we use the most modern project management tools internally to guarantee the highest efficiency. Additionally, we prioritize user feedback to enhance our platform, ensuring it remains user-friendly and cutting-edge. By integrating the latest tech trends and innovations, we strive to provide a seamless experience that adapts to the evolving needs of our clients. Our goal is not just to meet but to exceed our users expectations, fostering a community of satisfied and loyal members and hosts.

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Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. From AI to sales to mobile development, each member of our team brings unique skills and perspectives to the table. Together, we are committed to making CU World the best it can be.

  • Christian Lenz

    CEO & Founder

    Graz, Austria

  • Mario Niederl

    Sales & Marketing

    Graz, Austria

  • Marie Maier

    Finance & Accounting

    Graz, Austria

  • Julian Lämmerer

    Backend Development

    Graz, Austria

  • Luca Kramberger

    Frontend Development

    Graz, Austria

  • Tobias Stichler

    Web Development

    Vienna, Austria

  • Carmen Häusl

    UX / UI Design

    Graz, Austria

  • Markus Krampl

    Content Creation

    Vienna, Austria

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Become A Part Of Our Journey.

We are always looking for young talented people in all areas. If you love the idea of this project and you are interested in becoming a part of it, feel free to send us a message, we are excited to hear from you! - Christian Lenz (CEO & Founder)

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